- What if my friend doesn't want to participate?
 Ask another one!

- What if my friend takes to long to send the PSDProject image?
 First we'll get in touch with your friend to please ask him/her to go faster, if we consider that it takes too much time then we will ask you to forward it to someone else.

- What if someone send the invitation to two friends?
 The first one we recibe will be the one. The new branch will be discarded.

- How many changes can I make to the image?
 As many as you see necessary to continue the project!

- Could I draw or put other layers over?
 Yes if you think is the way to continue it.

- What if I don't use the correct format?
  You will be asked to send it in the correct format (:

- What if I don't know any photoshoper?
  Join a forum and ask for an artist!

- What happens if I send the e-mail to my friend and he sends it to another friend without sending it back to the admin before? :S
  Then both, your friend and his friend, will not be able to partipate untill we know who has invited him/her. When we receive an image, the players have to indicate to us who he was invited by and who he is going to invite to continue the PSDProject, if we detect a jump in the PSDProject list, we will go back to the last know confirmed link, from where everything was fine. This is why it is essential that the emails do not fail.

- How is the way to upload an image in Tinypic so I can complete the " jpg URL" for the register?
  Go to tinypic.com, choose the psdproject iamge, click UPLOAD, and copy the Direct Link for Layouts URL into the register.